Botox Lip Flip Agoura Hills

Botox Lip Flip

Botox lip flip is a temporary cosmetic treatment designed to achieve fuller lips and correct gummy smiles without lip fillers. The process is fast and painless; results should appear within several days.

Expert precision needed for this procedure to produce natural-looking results without complications or side-effects. Experienced injectors should also seek out to minimize risks.

1. Preparation

Step one in finding a qualified injector to administer Botox to your lips is finding an injector with appropriate qualifications, whether this means finding a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic injections or an experienced nurse injector who works under his or her supervision. Both types possess refined injection techniques that create natural-looking results while being highly familiar with muscle movements in and around the mouth.

As part of preparing for any surgical procedure, it’s essential to avoid certain substances and activities that may increase bruising and swelling, such as taking pain relievers such as ibuprofen that thin the blood; drinking alcohol; smoking cigarettes; taking multivitamins and multi-mineral supplements; as well as exposure to direct sun light for several days after receiving treatment.

At your consultation, a trained injector will examine your face to ascertain whether or not it is suitable for this procedure, while also discussing your goals and expectations to ensure they are reasonable.

Botox injections have the added advantage of helping reduce vertical lip lines, commonly referred to as smoker’s lines. Over time these fine lines become deeper, giving an upper lip an aged and wrinkled look. Botox relaxes muscles that cause these lines and thus makes the upper lip appear fuller and smoother.

Lip flips can also help create more proportional upper and lower lips, creating the effect that one’s bottom lip appears larger and less “chubby” when compared with their top lip, leading to an overall crispier appearance. Furthermore, this procedure may reduce how much of their gum shows when they smile which may be an issue for some individuals.

2. Numbing

Botox lip flips are non-invasive procedures designed to give the appearance of fuller lips without altering their natural volume. Treatment involves injecting small doses of Botox into the area around your mouth, which relaxes surrounding muscle groups affecting lips. Botox is a popular cosmetic solution among those wanting subtle definition and fullness in both upper and lower lips without using filler or other methods which last for much longer.

At the injection phase of lip flip surgery, your aesthetic provider will apply a numbing cream or topical anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort before injecting series of injections in your mouth just above and outside your cupid’s bow. It is imperative that a cosmetic specialist with ample experience performing these types of procedures chosen because improper technique could lead to unexpected results and complications.

Once Botox injections have taken place, its effects will take several days to take full effect. This timeframe allows your body time to adapt to their new shape and position – and over a few weeks you may notice your lips taking on new forms which help enhance the natural beauty of your smile.

Your Botox injections may also result in reduced wrinkles around your mouth, further increasing confidence and smile quality. While its results don’t last as long-term as those from dermal fillers, Botox lip flips provide an effective way to add fuller lips for a more attractive pout.

3. Injections

At this stage of treatment, our expert injector will apply a small amount of botulinum toxin to the lip area. This will cause it to become slightly numb while temporarily feeling warm, sensitive or swollen; these effects should typically subside within 24 hours. In order to preserve results from Botox injections in subsequent areas, it should not put under too much strain, including massaging lips, licking them or kissing as any overpressure can cause it to migrate from its original injection site into other areas that not originally targeted during previous Botox injections.

Botulinum toxin injections from our provider can relax muscle tone, which causes lips to roll outward or “unfurl,” creating an illusion of fuller upper lips. However, results from botox lip flips tend to last three to four months at most – for longer-lasting changes you should consider fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane instead.

Not only can this treatment make your upper lip appear fuller, it can also help address gummy smile. With a gummy smile, the top of your upper lip often rises when smiling revealing too much gum; with this procedure your lip won’t rise as much when smiling and so lessening the appearance of any gummy gums.

Botox lip flips may provide some patients with an effective nonsurgical option to achieve fuller lips without adding volume to them. Angelica Chang typically suggests this treatment option only to those whose budget doesn’t allow for the more costly option of dermal fillers or for those seeking subtle changes that won’t cause their appearance to change dramatically.

4. Recovery

If your smile shows more gums than lips, Botox lip flips may be an effective solution to help make it appear fuller and healthier. They’re fast treatments that can completed within minutes; just be sure that an experienced injector performs them for the optimal result.

Your practitioner will first clean the area and apply numbing cream for added comfort before using a small needle to administer two to four Botox units to each corner of your mouth and center of upper lip near cupid’s bow, along with gentle massage of this formula until all areas have received equal injection. After this procedure completed, you are free to go home.

After receiving Botox lip flip treatment, it is crucial that lipstick or lip balm not applied directly onto the treated area for at least several days after injection. Smoking, massaging the area, rubbing lips together or sleeping face down can cause Botox injections to migrate and negatively impact results. Choosing an experienced injector with board certification will further lower risks associated with complications during surgery.

Botulism infection after receiving a Botox injection is extremely unlikely; other possible side effects may include bleeding or bruising around the injection site, numbness and swelling.

5. Results

Botulinum toxin takes several days to take effect, at which point your lips should begin looking fuller as muscles relax and unfurl slightly – something Liotta notes is not meant as a replacement for dermal fillers but can add some additional volume.

Your provider will use a fine needle to inject small amounts of botulinum toxin into the orbicularis oris muscle (the circle of muscles around your mouth). He or she may also inject tiny spots along corners and edges of lips for added effect. After receiving injections, any pain and discomfort should subside quickly afterward; your provider can then wipe away any spots of blood from their injection site before sending you on your way home shortly thereafter.

After your procedure, place an ice pack on the treatment area to reduce swelling and sensitivity. Furthermore, you should avoid rubbing your face or lips, using lipstick or lip balm, kissing and using other forms of exfoliation for at least three to four days as these can all increase inflammation in the area. Furthermore, avoid foods or drinks which could make the area sore such as spicy foods.

As part of your Botox lip flip experience, it’s essential to find a board-certified plastic surgeon or nurse practitioner. Checking your state medical board’s website or looking at online reviews should give you peace of mind that other patients were satisfied with the results and felt free to express any queries or voice any concerns during appointments.

Angelica Chang refined injection techniques make her a sought-after expert for injectables. At AIVI Aesthetics Med Spa in Agoura Hills she and her team offer cosmetic enhancement treatments including the Botox Lip Flip procedure.

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