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Tips to Reduce Hair Loss – Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair Restoration Treatment


Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a common concern for most men and women. Stress, pregnancy, autoimmune disorders, fungal infection, medications, iron deficiency, thyroid disorders, diet can all induce hair loss. A history of tension (pulling) or chemical application can also be a huge factor. There are different types of thinning hair. Two of the most common causes are androgenic alopecia and female pattern hair loss. The characteristics between the two depends on where the hair thinning is. Male balding exhibits hair loss around the vertex or at the receding hairline. Female hair loss is shown to be localized thinning over the central area or widening midline part or frontal hairline. Both can also exhibit recessed bilateral temporal area hair loss.


Tips to reduce hair loss:

  • Avoid heat and chemical treatment on the hair/scalp.

  • Avoid hair tension or pulling.

  • Avoid friction to the hair.

  • Use hair conditioners.

  • Treat with minoxidil 5% foam once a day.

  • Platelet rich fibrin injections

At AIVI Aesthetics Skin Health Clinic, we offer a hair restoration treatment that combines both scalp microneedling and platelet rich fibrin injections. The efficacy of scalp microneedling provides a faster and better outcome for hair baldness. Recent studies shows a reduction of hair loss and improvement of hair density with scalp microneedling. In addition, cases of platelet rich fibrin (PRF) injections administered in the scalp showed improvement in hair regeneration. Due to the PRF containing high quantity of leukocytes, platelets and concentrated growth factors significantly enhanced wound healing and regeneration of hair follicles. Overall, hair regeneration with scalp microneedling and PRF injections has been reported a safe treatment protocol for a successful hair growth and regeneration.

For a limited time, Hair Restoration Treatment is $850 per session. We recommend 3-6 sessions, one month apart for a maximum results. Book your consultation today.

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Hair Loss Treatment | AIVI Aesthetics Agoura Hills, CA


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