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What is Melasma?


Melasma, also known as chloasma, is a skin condition that is associated with hyperpigmentation or overproduction of melanin from a sun exposed skin. It usually appears as a patchy brown or tan discoloration found on the cheeks, upper lips, forehead, nose and chin. Melasma is commonly seen in young and middle age women in their childbearing age. Individuals with darker Fitzgerald Skin Type III-V are also susceptible to developing this condition.

The causes of melasma are unclear. Although it is thought that genetics, hormonal changes, pregnancy, medications and UV light exposure can play a role, resulting in overstimulation of melanocytes (from estrogen) and melanin production (from progesterone). Medications such as birth control pills, antibiotics and blood pressure medications may induce melanin overproduction in females. Medical condition including thyroid disease, post pregnancy, diabetes can also increase hyperpigmentation.


How can Melasma be treated?


Treating melasma can be difficult and typically involves a combination approach using multiple treatment modalities. The gold standard for treating melasma is hydroquinone cream, a common prescribed medication that helps control melanocytes. For optimal result, hydroquinone cream is used for six weeks. Other topicals include tretinoin, azelaic acid, kojic acid, tranexamic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin C. Chemical peels and platelet rich fibrin or plasma microneedling treatments can also be safely perform to help remove pigmentations. Three to five treatments is recommended depending on the severely of the skin condition. Last but not least, daily use of sunscreen is crucial. Sun protection of SPF 50+ or more decreases effects of UV rays and infra-red exposure.


Caution with laser therapies.


Melasma can last for years and can take a longer time to treat. With a customized treatment plan, results can take a few months to a year. Diligent use of sunscreen and daily use of non-irritating skin care products improves result. Reducing heavy sun exposure decreases exacerbation of melasma.

At AIVI Aesthetics Skin Health Clinic, we treat melasma with platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) microneedling, chemical peels and medical grade skin care. With a combination approach, we can target melasma and hyperpigmentation. Book a consultation today.

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